Concretely, the Huoshen Foundation is active in the following components of body-based practices with youth:

 o mapping the field based on testimonials, case-studies, quotes, and good practices, which among other things provide insight in:

  • the learning dynamics and process of body-based practices
  • how young people experience this
  • why it attracts and inspires trainers
  • how trainers go about with a body-based practice
  • ‘good practices’ from the field  

(see also ‘practice’)

o supporting trainings and experience exchange among actors in the field, and facilitate contact between actors in the field (component ‘ Experience Exchange and transfer of knowledge’)

o  stimulate scientific research and research models (component research). In addition to conducting literature reviews, the Foundation gives financial support to small-scale research projects in the field (see ‘Huoshen projects‘)

o  facilitate exchange of information, news, and events such as up-coming trainings via this website and a newsletter