The Huoshen Foundation supports studies and practices that explore psychophysical  programs with adolescents in a health context.  These projects can be based:

  • on different fields: psychology, physical education, medicine and applied health sciences, sociology, anthropology,…
  • in an educational, preventive, curative, therapeutic, and recreational context
  • by means of educational programs that start from a physical experience

Research institutes, schools, health funds, hospitals, detention centers for youth, youth centers, sport clubs, as well as adolescents, field workers, social workers… can apply for a project with support from the Huoshen Foundation.

In the past, the Huoshen Foundation has supported projects both at universities and in associations and institutes. On these page you can find links to the different projects supported by the Foundation Huoshen, including a short summary.

For more detailed information please contact us at

Currently, there are no new calls for proposals.