The Huoshen Foundation aims to promote body-based working with young people in a preventive, curative, therapeutic and leisure time context. We want to support actors in the field, promote scientific research, and increase public awareness of the benefits of this type of youth work. In this way, we ultimately want to contribute to the health education of young people, regardless of religion, gender or background.

To do this, we work together with universities and youth organizations of various types. But we cannot do this alone! With your help we can even more promote body-based work with youth, and even better support the field. The Huoshen Foundation wants to cooperate with you to ensure that we can accomplish this mission. After all, young people today are the future of tomorrow.

You like what we do and want to support us? Please contact us and inquire into the possibilities. It is also possible to donate to the Foundation. Together with you, we will discuss together where you prefer to spend your gift on.

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