Voluntary participation

Ideally, participation in the psychophysical sessions is voluntary; this creates the right openness necessary for a successful learning process. But in some cases the sessions can be part of an imposed trajectory, as for instance with young delinquents. Then, the challenge is up to the trainer to create a climate during the first sessions that make them participants wanting to come back.

In the first stages, we often ask them what they want to learn here, like “What are we going to do here?”. Or we have youth that are forced by their parents to come. I find volunteering a requirement, I also act upon this, am very open about this towards the youth. I say something like: “If you don’t want to be here, then you don’t have to, I am not going to force you”. And I am very strict in this, also communicate this to the participating schools. If they don’t like, it doesn’t make sense. There should be a small opening, they have to be open to it, otherwise it won’t really get you anywhere. (Rock and Water trainer)