the body as play- and experience field

For those who manage to really listen to the body for a while, the body becomes an infinite play- and experimenting field. In this way, gradually a different connection with the body develops.

In adolescence, so much happens to the body. Also from the inside, the body begins to change. What I do very little is improving motoric skills. That’s something for the younger age, and it does not always work. What does help is the way you deal with this changing body. For example, letting them experience that playing can also be very nice, even if you don’t manage to catch the ball. That is what it is all about, appreciating the body again, via guided play. And that they then manage to have fun while playing, just by being occupied with their body. That is what I find important. Because many of them don’t like the fact that they are changing, that their body is changing. (PMT therapist)