Focus on the breath brings a world of change. By doing physical exercises with a focus on the breath, one experiences the direct impact of the breath on the body and the mind. When breathing is high in the chest and short, you tend to react impulsively; when you bring it down, you naturally stand strong and feel calm, and thus less impulsive, less influenced by others and peer pressure, …

For example, the exercise where the participants should  keep the breath high in the chest. You push them and they fall down  or bump against the wall. But if they breathe low, in their bellies, and slightly bend their knees, they stand strong without too much effort. If you then push with the same strength, they might not even move,  or just take a small step backwards. They experience that if they use their breath well, that they stand strong. Not only physically, but also mentally strong. By quietly breathing, you become calm yourself, and you take better decisions. You can explain that on paper, but you can also let them physically experience it, feel it, in a playful exercise. (Rock and Water trainer)

When this insight permeates in their daily life, a big step is taken.