By increasing body awareness, body-based exercises inherently stimulate a greater connectedness and so unity with the body. This in turn helps tremendously when fueling connectedness with the outside world.

The aspect of connectedness, that is so important. That is also in our mission and vision. That you actually only feel connected with your environment when you are in connection with yourself. And from this, with the different circles around you, connection with your neighbour, the person next to you, your environment, with nature, and even with materials. But that really starts with you! This is what makes the training so valuable, that you first get in touch with yourself. (Rock and Water trainer).

Working in group has a great potential for creating feelings of connection and solidarity. This in turn, increases resilience!

Generally, young people take good care of each other . For instance in an exercise of giving compliments, or when someone cannot catch up with an exercise, and even in exercises where you have to provoke the other, physically or emotionally, I often observe how engaged they are with their peers, how they pay attention not to be too harsh. (psychomotor therapist)

Obviously  – in the best case  scenario – there is also a strong connectedness with the trainer or therapist.

When you can get in touch and feel connected with the use as a trainer , something magical happens ! I mean, really getting in touch, without being judgemental , always with a positive state of mind, that is really a challenge, but it’s also a way of making it through the most difficult moments, without participants losing interest, and stay focused on the exercises. In this way, there are no fifth wheel, everyone is respecting each other. And the use feel really listened to. (Rock and Water trainer)